When should children have their first dental visit?

12 Jan 2016

When should children have their first dental visit?

Baby teeth appear anywhere from birth to about 3 months. These first 20 teeth are placeholders for permanent teeth, assist in speech development and are important for chewing nutritional foods. We recommend a “happy visit” occur between 12-16 months. During this first visit, we will acquaint your child with our office, our team and all the silly tools we use. The goal is to have a comfortable and fun experience. We will do a visual evaluation of the teeth and answer any questions you may have.

Scheduling your child’s appointment in the morning, after a big breakfast will help avoid “hangries” and improve cooperation. Be sure to talk with your child beforehand about the dental office and what to expect. Use positive terms and avoid explaining too much i.e. “there won’t be any needles”. Try playing dentist at home so your child is prepared for their appointment. If possible, use gloves and a Q-tip “count” teeth. Practice saying “aw” and use a flashlight to look around. Most importantly, make it fun and something to look forward to.

An annual visit is a good standard unless you notice any changes or see concerning areas. Typically we will schedule your kiddo’s first dental cleaning after their 3rd birthday. It’s hard to believe, but even those tiny pearly whites need a professional cleaning twice a year! Meanwhile, help your children brush twice and day, and floss between any teeth that touch!

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