KöR Teeth Whitening: Before and After Story

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10 Sep 2023

KöR Teeth Whitening: Before and After Story

Does your smile make you feel confident? If you asked me that question about a month ago, I would have said, “No, not really.” It wasn’t because of the alignment of my teeth, but rather their color. No matter which whitening toothpaste I would use or which whitening strips I would get at the store, nothing made me feel super confident about my smile. That is until I found out about KoR teeth whitening.

To say I was skeptical at first would be an understatement. Would 2 weeks of this gel really make me see a difference and love my smile? But Dr. Hicks and the team raved about the results you can get in such a short amount of time. I saw the teeth whitening before and after examples and thought, “If this really does make my teeth whiter, it’s an investment that I am willing to make!”

So, I decided to try it out, and wait until you see the results!

The process starts with a digital scan of your teeth to make the trays a perfect fit just for you. This takes only about 30 minutes. The trays are made with a little pocket where the gel is placed in order to keep saliva out. Other whitening trays I’ve tried from the store never seem to fit my teeth or are difficult to keep in place. I wanted something simple that wasn’t too much of a hassle.

After only 2 weeks, the trays are ready. The dental assistants did a great job of explaining how the process works and giving a step-to-step guide on how to put them in. KoR also offers video instructions on how to place the trays which, being a visual learner, was very helpful to me. 

There are 2 options that you can choose from to fit into your daily schedule. You can do the nighttime gel, where you wear the trays all night long, or you can do the daytime 1-hour gel, which is what I chose to do.

Every morning for 2 weeks while I got ready for work, I would wear the trays. The desensitizing gel that is provided really helped to limit the sensitivity that I felt during this 2-week process. 

After the first few days, I really started to notice a difference in the mirror. Day by day the shade of my teeth kept getting brighter, and my confidence began to grow as well. 

After the full 2 weeks, I was a full believer in the KoR whitening process! It was simple, yet it made such a huge difference in my everyday life! Now anytime I want to do a touch-up for a special event, all I need to do is whiten for 1-2 days before to get that little extra shine!

Since my KoR whitening experience, I smile more without wondering if people are judging the color of my teeth. If you have ever wondered about teeth whitening, or you want to love your smile, I highly suggest looking into KoR.  It is an investment that will help you feel confident every time you smile!

Contact Dr. Katie Hicks’s office to schedule a time to learn more about the KöR Teeth whitening process and how you can be more confident with your smile in only 2 weeks!

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